Inquirers and Guests

Inquirers and guests are welcome to participate in the Open Meetings held on Sunday afternoon or Tuesday evening during September, November, January, March and May.  Sunday Meetings begin at 3:00 and Tuesday evening meetings begin at 7:00.  Both sessions last about 1 1/2 hours.  The meetings include shared Lectio on a selected passage of the Rule of Benedict and small group interaction. During 2021 - 2022 we will be using Chapter One of Benedict's Rule for Lectio.  For more information contact Sr. Antoinette at or 317-787-3287 extension 3022.
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Sr. Angela Jarboe leading Lectio on Rule of Benedict at one of the open meetings.

Open Meetings for 2021-22

Please note: 

At this time we are accepting visitors to the monastery who are fully vaccinated with at least one booster shot against covid.  Meetings will also be held virtually.  To participate virtually please register two days before the scheduled meeting to get  the link.  Send request to

For a list of dates and times please click on tab for Current Year Calendar.

Alternative to Sunday/Tuesday Meetings

An Intensive formation for Inquirers will be held from Tuesday through Friday, October 11-14, 2022. Sessions will include shared Lectio on a selected passage of the Rule of Benedict and small group interaction as well as additional special sessions for Inquirers.  These sessions will use the same passages from the Rule that are used on Sundays and Tuesdays through the year.  The difference is in the time-frame.  Intensive is just that--we do in four days what Sunday and Tuesday groups do bi-monthly from September through May.   


This Intensive event is open to oblates every year and alternately to oblate candidates and inquirers.  In October 2022 Inquirers may register.  Contact Sr. Antoinette, for more information.  Registration is required to attend.