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Oblation--May 15, 2022

Prioress Sr. Julie Sewell addresses and questions the Oblate Candidates.

The Candidates listen  and confirm their intention to become Oblates of Our Lady of Grace Monastery

Oblate Candidates: Ada and John Hosier of Indianapolis; Laura Jones of Maggie Valley, NC; Sue Sprowls of Ann Arbor, MI; and Barbara Terkoski of Connersville, IN.

Each Candidate in turn acknowledges aloud for all to hear the promise to live Benedictine Spirituality in her/his everyday life as an Oblate of Our Lady of Grace Monastery.  The paper is signed by both the new Oblate and the Prioress who also writes the date of the commitment.  Then each receives an Oblate pin with the medal of St. Benedict from the Oblate Director as a reminder of the commitment.

This ritual takes place during Evening Prayer with the monastic community, oblates and visitors as witnesses.

Ada Hosier reads her oblation promise as husband, John, looks on.

Sue Sprowls signs her oblation document.

Prioress Sr. Julie adds the date and her signature to John Hosier oblation paper.

Laura Jones reads her oblation promise.

Sr. Antoinette pins the Oblate medal of St. Benedict on Barbara Terkoski.


The five new oblates pose after the service.  Their oblation documents are on the altar.

Sr. Julie and Sr. Antoinette join them for a photo.

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